Seminars and Summer Schools
Organised Events


Seminars and Summer Schools


  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXXIV” on “Labour law in the fragmentation of company structures”, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, 11-13 September 2017. Co-rapporteur and tutors’ coordinator.
  • Coordinator and coach of the Belgian delegation to the Second Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition on European and international labour law, 15-17 June 2017, Aarhus University.
  • Expert judge for the First Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition on European and international labour law, 23-25 June 2016, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXXIII” on “Work and Disability”, Marco Biagi Foundation, Modena, 28 June – 2 July 2016. Rapporteur and head of the Belgian delegation.
  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXXII” on “Flexibility of Working Time”, Modena, Marco Biagi Foundation, 4-7 September 2015. Tutor of the group on “Rationales for Flexibility of Working Time”
  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXXI” on “Core and contingent workers”, Gaeta, 9-12 September 2014.
  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXIX” on “Decentralisation of collective bargaining”, Modena, Marco Biagi Foundation, 17–20 July 2012.
  • Seminar of comparative labour law “Pontignano XXVIII” on “Temporary Agency Work”. Gaeta, 19–22 July 2011. Rapporteur for the group on “Temporary Agencies and Industrial Relations”,
  • WSI Summer School 2010 “Social Europe: Does it exist? – Can it survive? – How to make it?”, Hans Böckler Stiftung. Berlin, 27 September – 1 October 2010. Rapporteur for the group on “The relation between economic freedoms and fundamental social rights”
  • Ph.D. Conference “Labour Market Regulation in Europe – Flexicurity, Integration and Responses to the Crisis”, FAOS (Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmarkeds-og Organisationsstudier), University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 25–27 November 2009.

Organised Events

  • Seminar Cycle “Pension Mornings“, organised by the Excellence Chair on Pensions, Louvain la Neuve, 2015/2016 (~70 participants)
  • Seminar Cycle “Pension Fridays”, organised by the Excellence Chair on Pensions, Louvain la Neuve, 2015 (~70 participants)
  • Conference “Conférence inaugurale Chaire d’excellence sur les pensions“, Louvain la Neuve, 18 December 2014 (~100 participants).
  • Study day, Le droit social de l’Union européenne et du Conseil de l’Europe – Chronique belge de jurisprudence, Brussels, 27 September 2013, ~60 participants.
  • Conference: “Le sens du travail/De zin van arbeid, Regards acadéemiques croisées sur la doctrine sociale de l’Eglise Catholique/Een academische en multi-disciplinaire lectuur van de sociale leer van de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk”, Brussels, 30 May 2012 (~100 participants).
  • Seminar: “The European Convention on Human Rights and the Employment Relation. Follow-up seminar”, Brussels, 25 November 2011 ( ~25 participants).
  • Ph.D. Seminar: “EU labour law does not come from Brussels”, Brussels, 21–22 December 2010 (~40 participants).
  • Seminar: “The EConvHR and the Employment Relation. The Prospects After Demir and Baykara and the Lisbon Treaty”, Brussels, 10 December 2010 (~25 participants).
  • Seminar: “Transnational Company Agreements. Another fragment of a European sytem of industrial relations in construction or in deconstruction?”, Louvain la Neuve, 12 February 2010 (~20 participants).


  • PhD Training “Early career scholars in social law” organisée par BEGASOZ/ABETRASS, “How to publish in a European/international academic context”, 18 November 2016, Brussels.
  • Training for legal officers CSC, “Aspects de droit social européen” (EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Working time, Fixed term contracts, Coordination of social security), 9 March 2016, Namur.
  • International trade union training MOBILJOBS (CISL), “The free provision of services and its social impact in the future of the European Union”, 9 June 2010, Rome.
  • International trade union training MOBILJOBS (CISL), “Distacco transnazionale del lavoro nel diritto comunitario e nella giurisprudenza”, 11 May 2010, Fiesole.